Learn how Outbound AI chatbots help in lead generation

Learn how Outbound AI chatbots help in lead generation

We live in a digital world and a world of distractions and this may be the high time we value every touchpoint with our customers, whether it is helping with their queries, online purchase, live chat, phone call, emails, customer support, or any touchpoint. It is crucial for both growing businesses and established companies to provide a smooth journey for customers so they get converted.

Let me ask you a question- How many times have you seen your competitors getting on top of everything and acquiring the customer you wanted?

One of the main reasons can be excellent customer support. Companies do invest heavily in building seamless relationships with their customers but you do not need to invest that big. That can also be done at a fraction of cost. But how?

Let’s discuss.

When OpenAI released its Conversational AI Chatbot or ChatGPT, the world never saw something like that, it got 100 million users in just 2 months and what we conclude is Conversational AI Chatbot game has just started. Companies accepting and integrating the OpenAI technology have already seen good benefits after implementing it. When technology becomes scalable, cost comes down and that benefits everyone. Similarly, the opportunity has now become visible to grab and that is what we at Techalpha Group, building ReplyCX, a no code chatbot builder. We built ReplyCX to enhance customer experience and provide a seamless journey for every client in need. Just a simple & small chat icon on the right bottom of your website can bring the opportunity that converts. It can be your customer support, live chat expert, query resolver but most importantly the coming leads. No leads, no revenue, so simple as that. 

What exactly does integrating lead generation to your website means?

AI chatbots are super helpful when it comes to lead generation, they mimic the behavior of humans and do meaningful conversations on your behalf. Sales teams need leads to generate revenue and most of the time marketing folks find it hard to generate leads. But with the help of conversational AI chatbot, you get the right leads. These are the people who are interested in knowing more about your products and services, and hence provide their contact information. Think how valuable it is getting, not lead but right lead and the chances of getting conversion becomes higher with a simple AI chatbot integration.

Benefits of Using AI Chatbot on your website

Everyday, millions are talking, maybe on call or chat, let’s look at the latter one. Whenever a customer visits your website, they require a clean picture of what you are trying to market and that is where most of the companies struggle. They need a hand holding who can walk them through the website. That is where AI conversational tools come in place.

There are a lot of benefits of adding a Conversational AI Chatbot to your website. You can provide a lot of queries resolution seamlessly and that will help in achieving a higher customer satisfaction score or CSAT. Let’s discuss them one-by-one.

  1. Improved Customer Journey- As I wrote in starting, we live in a world of distractions and that means lesser focus on one thing. In the context of customers, they are present at every channel, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Email, live chat and companies are finding it harder, not to reach but managing each communication. Customer Journey needs to be heard and heard again. And this means, adding a small robotic icon to the right bottom of your website can enhance customer journey and will bring a lot of value.
  2. Higher Customer Satisfaction score- Random visitors decide to leave or find the value of your website in just < 10 seconds and this small fraction time is very crucial to retain visitors. They won’t convert if they do not get retained and that will lead to an overall lesser customer satisfaction score. Here, Conversational AI Chatbot can be your savior, it can help to retain good visitors that can eventually convert and can provide an instant queries resolution with a seamless customer experience.
  1. 1-on-1 Chat- Having an automated chatbot solution should not be your only solution but creating personalized experience should be. Personalized experiences lead to engaging customers that eventually convert. There are plenty of tools available in the market but not every tool provides deeper insights. Omnichannel communicators providers like ReplyCX can help you to create personalized experiences with every visitor interaction with its easy to use interface. Eventually, it can lead to a discovery call with your customers and help them identify the problem they are facing.
  2. Marketing at almost zero cost- Sales team depends heavily on marketing qualified leads and this loop continues. But what if a sales team can directly engage customers with minimal marketing effort, Conversational AI Chatbot comes to rescue. It can get the contact information of coming leads to your website and the sales team can go after initial discovery calls with prospects and understand them better.
  3. Engage Visitors- On a daily basis, thousands of random visitors come to your website, but few of them actually convert or provide their information. This is one of the biggest hurdles that a company faces and this problem can be resolved by a simple use of chatbot. A Conversational AI Chatbot is super useful to understand the customer needs and effectively engage with them to help what they are looking for, this keeps them engaging.
  1. Business-Centric KPI- If Business is top of everything then Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the building blocks of a business, because if you can’t measure, you can’t improve. Metrics like CSAT, conversion rate, leads generated engagement rate, are the heartbeat of most companies which needs to be checked regularly and once you have the complete data at your disposal, improvements become visible. So, you need a solution provider which provides the deeper insights of usage in the form of a simple so called dashboard.
  2. Every Customer Interaction in one place- Conversational AI Chatbot are great, they are specially designed to behave like a human and interact with the web visitors. Whether it is everyday, every hour or every minute, thousands of interactions take place and it becomes next to impossible to keep a close track of every interaction. But now-a-days chatbot tools are rapidly enhancing as per the client needs and similar to that, tools like ReplyCX help track every interaction with your customer. This becomes super important when you are trying to analyze all the past communications and target the customer better.
  3. Maximized Conversion Rate- And last but not least, conversion rate. You are trying to communicate with lets say 100 customers but none of them interact, it is a big pain point. AI chatbots can make dynamic and compel the customer to take action. After all, chatbots are not just integration but they also maximize the conversion rates from x to y.

I hope you understand the amazing benefits of implementing the AI Chatbots to your business.

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